Friday, February 24, 2012


I took a last minute trip to San Diego last weekend for Pres. Day weekend. Two of my friends had a couple extra days off as well and we just hit the road south bound. It was beautiful
and fun in every way. There were many memories made!

Here are just a few...

-last minute hotel in San Diego over pres. weekend for $50/night
-Sand Castle carving of the San Diego temple.

-jumping in the ice bath ocean with Breck and Caroline, screaming like little girls as we ran and splashed around.

-running in the morning on the beach in Coronado

-Meeting Terri on the beach, the nice lady who gave a tour of Del Coronado hotel, including the elevator.

-One of my best friends Amy happened to be in San Diego on a suprise trip to be proposed to, getting engaged the same weekend I was there on the same beaches!

-Nightly phone calls of exciting news (every night someone called one of us to tell us they were getting married! It was endless excitement)-Living out of our Playmate cooler and Trader Joes and a can opener-Authentic Etheopian food-nicest people in every store

-trying to lay out one day and freezing!

-trying to lay out on other days and soaking up the sun!
-the beach, the beach, the beach!
-Caroline taking pictures of every seagull
-Amazing San Diego Temple

-Renting Beach Cruisers and touring the island on our bikes

-Getting locked out of our Condo at 3am

-Driving home after no sleep, switching drivers every half hour or hour from post vacation

-All the music, laughs, conversations, messy cars, jokes, and memories that come along with a road trip!


April said...

oh so fun! LOVE SAN DIEGO! :) it looks like you had so much fun!!

Katie and Greg said...

Holy cow! I wish I could have joined you guys. That looks so fun and I love, love, love all your pictures. My favorite is probably the first when you are jumping in the air over the water. We have got to go soon!

helena said...

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Shannon said...

SO fun!! I'm glad you ladies could get away and enjoy so much.

Jamie said...

What fun! Did you make that sand castle?!

Katie said...

How did you do that sand castle?!